Chasing Slabs. Again.

“It’s almost like an obsession. The seemingly endless pursuit of aligning the elements. What does perfection even look like? Maybe it’s just an idea, an idea that fuels the chase..” “This short clip provides an insight into the lengths we go to for the images that captivate us the most.” Directed and Produced by Thurston […]

Rob Laurie – No rain no rainbows

“Robert Laurie grew up in a small Northern NSW town of Kingscliff after a migration from his hometown of Yamba, where his love and affinity for the ocean was born. A short film that touches on his motivation to get back on the board after a tragic life event sent his outlook on life into […]

High-action riverboarding in the heart of the Ottawa River

Welcome to Ottawa River, one of the most chaotic lineups on the planet.

Believe it or not, Canada has great waves. And some of them are waiting for you inland, where thunderous rapids meet wild rocky valleys.

When it comes to river surfing, Tom and Jon Paterson are always ready to introduce the provinces of Quebec and Ontario to the world.