Another Day in Iquique

Chilé lights up, and as per the norm, Chilé lights up good.

A three hour drive up the Northern coast of the wave riddled country, away from our standardised Arica viewings lies Iquique. A port city playing home to all walks of life. Somewhere along that coastline lies La Cosa, a heaving left hander bearing something of a cushy resemblance to South Australia’s Luna Park.

Despite the borderline torturous slow motion, the following four minutes are a tasty insight as to the rail work that goes in to controlling some of those bigger barrels we all dream of taming.
Hats off to Jorge Lekunberri and Jorge Ceballos for the footy, and Diego Cabrera, Yoshua Toledo, Lucas Blas Montesano and Carlos tassara for their big balls.


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