May // South Coast: Sam Proctor 2018

Sam Proctor bodyboarding the South Coast during the month of May this year. With a good variety of waves the whole month and good times to be had, these are the better bits of footage collected during that time.

The day Cristiano Ronaldo went bodyboarding

Did you know that bodyboarding is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite hobbies?

For many, he is the best football player of all time; a magician with a rare talent and an exclusive technique that enchants people from all over the world.

Ronaldo changed the way we watch and enjoy the world’s most popular sport. His creativity, game reading skills, dribbling, and shooting power is widely praised as unparalleled in modern football.

Isaias Ravyc claims the 2018 Itacoatiara Pro Trials

Isaias Ravyc has taken out the 2018 Itacoatiara Pro Trials, in Niteroi, Brazil.

The competition got underway in classic four-foot waves with plenty of barrels and air sections. In the end, only six bodyboarders qualified for the main stage.

Ravyc, Patrick Orr, Sammy Morretino, George Humphreys, Adejaldo Silva, Mack Crilley, Hugo Medeiros, Kevin Torres, and David Barbosa will join the world’s best performers in the second event of the Grand Slam Series (GSS).