Noah In Bali

Noah Aubort spinning his ways across the crowded shores of Indonesia’s Bali. 

To better understand his time spent we caught up with the man himself,

“I figured before I went it would be somewhat to my distaste, but what’s life without booging new waves? The forecast was promising, but the reality was awfully dissatisfying. As it turned out, the period was way too big and we (Ben Wells and I) spent four days copping thirty to forty minute waits between sets. When they came they were fun, but unfortunately they rarely came which meant I was left venting my surf frustration with some everyday reverses and hacks. The locals are amazing, the blow ins like myself ain’t. I don’t r8 Bali, but I don’t reckon I would go as far to h8 it either. You know what I mean.” 

Checkout Noah as he vents his way through some of Bali’s slower, but funner looking conditions below!

Noah Aubort Bodyboarding in Bali

Checkout Noah’s choice of board HERE, or the full range below.

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