Your 2017 Junior Australian Champion

Liam Lucas is a name wearing deeper and deeper into the world of bodyboarding. 

After five rounds of the ABA Tour, and some damn intensive displays of surfing, it was 17 year old Inverted team rider Liam Lucas who took the title from the hands of an Australian wide under-21 field. Now Liam takes a moment to run us through the year which was his, his favourite stop, his favourite wave and how the Northern Beaches event came down to the final seconds before he was crowned the Pro Junior champion. 

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, Australian bodyboarding is in some darn capable hands. Checkit,

Liam Lucas Pro Junior Champion ABA Tour 2017 Inverted Bodyboarding Blog

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Your 2017 Australian Champion

Beaming head to toe, Inverted team rider Lachlan Cramsie is in true form. 

Obliterating all standing competition it was Lachlan Cramsie who came out on top of the 2017 ABA leaderboard in something of a dominant fashion. One second and three first place finishes to his name it was undoubtedly his flexibility in surfing which would see him dominate an array of Australia’s best and worst conditions. 

Allocated a seat in the 2018 APB tour you’re likely to be seeing  alot more of the man. Indulge as the ABA recaps the year which was Lachlan Cramsie’s. 

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Pro Juniors Do Northern Beaches

Bodyboarding is in safe hands. 

The 2017 ABA Pro Junior series wrapped up at the Northern Beaches Pro one week ago in tricky conditions. Big ups to everyone involved as for the event running smoothly and the quality of surfing maintaining at something of a high level. As mentioned earlier in the week it was Santo Vanderwaal who won the battle and took the Northern Beaches crown with a solid display of surfing. Liam Lucas however won the war and took the Pro Junior crown over Simon Cassidy (2nd) and Blake Gerrard (3rd).

Checkout everything that went down in the Pro Junior division in the clip below. 

Santo Vanderwaal ABA Tour Northern Beaches Champ pro Junior Inverted Bodyboarding Blog

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Northern Beaches Pro

And that’s a wrap. 

As we close out Australia’s competitive season, it is once again The Northern Beaches Pro wrapping things up in something of a successful fashion for the ABA tour. Undeterred by conditions competitors made a striking run at the Northern Beaches prime piece of silverware. 
It would be the unlikely duo of Ewan Donnachie and Daniel Worsley to take the fight right to the final, and whilst both surfed competitively it was Dan Worsley taking the crown in another tight battle.

A further congratulations is of course in order for Lachlan Cramsie for taking out the 2017 ABA Tour. Liam Lucas for taking out the 2017 Pro Junior title. And Santo Vanderwaal for winning the Northern Beaches Pro Junior event. Check out all the men’s highlights below!

Daniel Worsely wins the Northern Beaches Pro ABA Tour Inverted Bodyboarding Blog

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Northern Beaches Pregame

Things are wrapping up..

A big year for the ABA Tour, but a bigger year for tour winner and Inverted team rider, Lachlan Cramsie. With wins now stretching back to back to back, Cramsie is looking to run this thing out with a fourth straight victory at the Northern Beaches Pro, and judging by his previous highlights he’s very likely to do so. 

In the Pro-Junior series we’re looking at a title clash between Inverted team riders Liam Lucas and Simon Cassidy. With Liam out in front by a mere 50 points it would appear that we’re in for quite the showdown come The Northern Beaches return.. 

Checkout the pre game highlights below! 


Lachlan Cramsie Backflip Northern Beaches Pro Series ABA

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