Perry Scraps

QCD front man Michael Perry has had a busy year. 

So busy in fact that the man has set you aside a series of scraps to see you through through another wave barren Friday. It’s been a while between drinks for Java clips, so you’ve our full blessing to indulge in the following two minutes as Michael Perry reminds you of his prominence in the bodyboarding world.

Michael Perry Bodyboarding Bali in Java

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Good Times w. Cramsie

Some six months back Lachlan Cramsie made haste in Bali. 

Packing bags and heading abroad alongside Joe Clarke and Michael Jennings proved fruitful as the trio returned a deeper bronze and with footage to show for it. We caught up with Cramsie who had the inside as to the trip.

” My good mate Joe Clarke made the call as it was looking like a nice long range swell heading to Indo. After a mess up with flights and passport issues for our Filmer Michael Jennings we all finally landed at Denpasar airport, the simple worn track to Bali being more difficult than usual.
By the time we’d landed the extended forecast had changed, and with it came bad news.
So, with the charts now not looking the best we decided to head towards the usual fallback of The Goo to get the job done. After surfing some choppy Goo for a few days we rolled the dice and headed over the other side of the island with some other Aussies to chase some ramps. Huey didn’t disappoint and we got the best waves of the trip.

Surfing with Joe is always great as we have had some rivalry in the past few years in the ABA tour but its always great to push each other free surfing. Just like every other Bali trip its always good to keep it short and sharp. Till next, Bagus! “


Checkout the clip below!

Lachlan Cramsie Bodyboarding IN Bali

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Joe Bagus

Joey C in Bali is all you need to kick off your Friday. 

Taking his well practiced repertoire abroad, the somewhat newly signed Funkshen man put on a water display most Gold Coast’ers would be familiar with. His new Funkshen pro model performing well in the warmer climate leaves no shadow of a doubt as to its versatility across all climates.

Indulge as Joe takes on the overcrowded shores of Bali in this one minute banger. As per the norm, hats off to Michael Jennings for the clean footage and smooth edit.

Joe Clarke Inverted Bali Bagus Inverted Bodyboarding Blog

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Stone Does July/ Aug

Jake Stone’s bi-monthly updates might just be the most assured thing in bodyboarding. 

As it would appear, two months time has left the Stealth front man with better waves and better times than what most would endure in a 365 day period. What’s more, he’s got the footage to show for it. Travelling his ways across the polar opposite shores of Bali and South Oz ought to leave you with something of a pleasurable juxtaposition.

Indulge as the mighty Stone sweeps his way across nations over the next seven minutes and try not to remind yourself whilst Stone has roughly spent the last 60 days living it up, you’ve probably spent 44 of those sitting in your office chair working. Ah well, someone’s gotta do it eh?

Jake Stone Bodyboarding July August Inverted Bodyboard Blog

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The Perry Experience

The weekly Java clip is in. 

this time round it’s Michael Perry scooping and sliding his ways through Bali’s most popular bodyboarding destination. Despite the growing crowds QCD front man Michael Perry insists he still manages to find peace between sets sliding through whatever cylindrical beasts swing his way.

Indulge in another Java clip.

Michael Perry Bodyboarding in Java

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