Personal and Fronton

The meticulous SUNAYfilmmaker is back with another piece of Gran Canaria..

Mind the tune and you’ve got yourself seven minutes of well documented, high performance wave riding. Featuring for the larger part only local riders, the tight footage is something of an insight as to how far wave knowledge can take you at what is arguably one of the heaviest bowls in bodyboarding if not the world.

Sit back and indulge as the areas best bodyboarders’ take on the areas best wave.


Amaury Laverhne Bodyboarding Invert Inverted Bodyboard Blog

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Holt’s History

A brief, yet meaningful throwback. 

Port Macquarie’s Charlie Holt oozes style in every turn. Throwing his weight between Forster and Port Mac, the Manta rider puts on a display of total confidence through all conditions. As his gangly frame climbs higher and higher beyond your expectations you ought to realise how his style of surfing is completely unique and arguably unmatched.

Indulge as Charlie Holt redefines the art of controlling and maneuvering a bodyboard. As per the norm, hats off to Samuel Rutherford for the edit.

Charlie Holt Bodyboarding at Inverted Bodyboard Shop Blog

Checkout Charlie’s choice of board HERE or the full range below.

Manta Bodyboards for sale at Invetyed Bodyboard Shop

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The Mighty Matty

Researching potential Summer quivers we stumbled across ye’ ol’ faithul..

We assumed the blow up matty to of phased out some 10 years back, alongside jandals and 3/4 pants. This week we were proved wrong as requests to stock the life sized floating piece of plastic billowed through our doors.

Looking deeper into the cause we came across well renowned blow up matty legend Mark Thomson. Matt’ying his way across the East Coast’s Lennox Head and Byron Bay we were suitably impressed. The man’s got power and control like we’ve never seen on a blow up mattress before, if there was every a video to see you through to the weekend this was it. Things get perhaps more interesting around the one-minute-forty mark.

Mark Thomson sending it hyper-speed into the weekend.

Mark Thomson Blow Up Bodyboard Matress Inverted Bodyboard Blog

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