Youngbuck V2.0

The East coasts Brodey Brockman stamps his name far and wide. 

The man from QCD Bodyboards appears to of travelled well throughout the year of 2017 with waves featuring from the deeper ends of Oz’s North and South coast’s. Style to boot and balls to go with it, Brodey Brockman tackling the following two minutes is a breath of fresh air for bodyboarders worldwide.

Sit back and indulge as the man modestly asks you to remember the name.

Brodey Brockman bodyboarding South Australia Inverted Bodyboard Blog

Checkout the mans choice of board HERE, or the entire range below!

QCD 2018 Range for sale at Inverted Bodyboard Shop

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Couple’a With McMaster

A minute of perfection.

South Africa’s David McMaster requires a mere 58 seconds of your time. 58 seconds throughout which the talented filmer and producer brings to you the better seasons of his home country. As South Africa spits and hurls water across its lesser known locations McMaster is there to capture it.

Deadly setups and a mouth watering edit to go with, this is one way to start your Saturday morning.

David McMaster Inverted Bodyboarding Blog Video

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Botha Does 2017

Andre Botha and an insight as to his productive year. 

Making his way around home, the renowned South African charger has scored better than most this year. Whilst his surfing never actually went out, the recent surge in vintage boog appreciation means a new found surge in Botha appreciation.

As he twists his back into that merciless Andre inverted salute we take our hat off to the man who’s always had it and still has it. This is Andre Botha making his way through the year 2017. Hats off to Trish Waters for the foot!

Andre Botha Bodyboarding South Africa 2017

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Mr. Versatile

Dave Winchester’s new 2018 models are flowing through Inverted shop fronts. 

In something of a celebration of the 2018 Winchester’s diversity, we’re throwing back to the man ripping apart some East coast wedges. Whilst the clip is dated some two years back, we’ve decidedly taken a moment to acknowledge Dave and his extended 2018 VS range which offersDrop Knee, Prone and WiFly options.

Indulge as the man effortlessly throws himself through some of the better sessions one might assume the East coast has seen in the last couple of years. As always, hats off to the digital mastery exemplified by Brad Schmidt.

Winny Cut

Checkout the mans full range of 2018 decks below!

Dave Winchester Bodyboarding Range 2018

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Another Day in Iquique

Chilé lights up, and as per the norm, Chilé lights up good.

A three hour drive up the Northern coast of the wave riddled country, away from our standardised Arica viewings lies Iquique. A port city playing home to all walks of life. Somewhere along that coastline lies La Cosa, a heaving left hander bearing something of a cushy resemblance to South Australia’s Luna Park.

Despite the borderline torturous slow motion, the following four minutes are a tasty insight as to the rail work that goes in to controlling some of those bigger barrels we all dream of taming.
Hats off to Jorge Lekunberri and Jorge Ceballos for the footy, and Diego Cabrera, Yoshua Toledo, Lucas Blas Montesano and Carlos tassara for their big balls.


Inverted Bodyboarding Blog Bodyboarding Iqique in Chile

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