Stone sticks to his guns for November through to December. 

Jake Stone maintains his throne as the king of consistency. Back with an installment detailing his November and December travels Stoney’s film making abilities appear well sharpened via the assistance of his film camera plus some crafty editing and scoring.

Sit back and indulge in the fruits of this bi-monthly blog as the Stone’s and friends pull into one desert pipe after the other. Remember, for a limited time, purchase Jake Stone’s pro model and receive a free pair of S3 fins courtesy of Inverted bodyboard shop and Stealth!

Brad Stone and Jake Stone Bodyboarding the desert

Checkout Stoney’s choice of board HERE, or the entire range below.

Stealth Boards

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Gorn and Dunn

Nick Gornall and Marli Dunn hit South Aus once more. 

And they score, once more. The dynamic duo backed by Stealth make their way through deep Oz scoring a series of slabs and bowls which, as per the norm, has left us cursed with envy. As you watch the pair flick their ways through South Aus, we might remind you all Stealth pro model purchases currently come alongside a free pair of S3 Stealth fins.

Sit back and indulge as the boys from the east make their names and ways known deeper than what most would dare travel.

Marli Dunn and Nick Gornall Bodyboarding South Australia Inverted Bodyboard Shop

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Stealth Bodyboard Range Inverted Two

Checkout Nick’s choice of board HERE, or the entire Stealth range below.

Stealth Range Inverted Bodyboard SHop One

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Heiny’s Return

Jacob Hein’s return to the main stage has been somewhat long awaited. 

With mere drips and drops to keep us sane over the last year or so, Taz Harnett and Stealth rider Jacob Hein have held their cards close to their chest as they chased waves up and down the East coast. Oozing in style as always, Heiny holds his figure with total class as he throws his way around some of the better swells the Gold Coast and beyond have seen throughout the year.

Clean lines and good times. Hats off to Taz Harnett for the clean cut and footage!

Jacob Hein Bodyboarding Gold Coast

Checkout Heiny’s choice of board HERE or the entire range below!

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Katesy RIP(s)

Best section of 2017?

It’s a yes from us.

The recently rediscovered lines of James Kates leave no questions unanswered.
If you’re anything like us, the next four minutes of clean lines and sharp bottom turns ought to have you back in the water and creaming whether it’s two feet or six. Four minutes of high flying action presented by Drag Board Co and scored by the late Elton John is exactly what we needed to see us through to the other side of this East coast slump.

Sit back and indulge in the mastery which is James Kates’s R.I.P section.

Checkout James’s choice of board HERE, or the entire range below!

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Rip Dorf

Dorf bites back with his juicy RIP section. 

Wollongong big man, Chris James laid down both hands as one of Drag Board Co‘s major share holders earlier this year. Now as we wrap up in 2017 he leaves his mark behind with a series of big waves, boosts and lines. Drag’s film project ‘RIP‘ blew apart the interweb’s some two months back, as board riders of all abilities cracked their necks to catch a beautifully perverse insight into our beloved sport.

Sit back and indulge in Chris James’s section from the film below!

Chris James bodyboarding RIP at Inverted

Checkout Chris James’s choice of board HERE, or the entire Drag range below.

Drag Bodyboard Range for sale at Inverted Bodyboard Shop

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