The Lonely Desert

We don’t know much about the man,

although three and a half minutes of tasteful water footage later it’s apparent Sacha Damjanic of Chile knows his ways around the lonely desert. A barren right hand reef playing home to the adventurous ought to be your central focus over the next three minutes of viewings. There is of course more to Chile than meets the eye. Minimal crowds and maximum slabs littered across the coast, we’d do some real damage for a wave as perfect and uncrowded as this today.

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Sacha Damjanic Bodyboarding at inverted Bodyboard Shop

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Two Weeks With Liam

Liam Lucas has kept himself busy over the period of the last two weeks.

Warming up in preparation to the 2018 ABA Pro Tour, the junior champion has been doing his very best to stay busy in Sydey’s more than often fickle conditions. Not short on novelty setups however the man has lucked his way into some fun looking sessions in the deep blue. With thanks to Science, Gyroll and Inverted, Liam fires off a two minute warning shot to any would be 2018 ABA competitors.


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Liam Lucas barrel Inverted Bodyboard SHop

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Calen Jordan x SoulPeople

Gold Coast competition machine Calen Jordan is back. 

With a new bag of tricks Inverted team rider Calen Jordan is back to stomping moves up and down the East coast. With two minutes of unseen footage Calen teams up with SoulPeople to bring you a tasty edit of waves around the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Tech for days and control like we’ve not seen in some time ought to keep you on the edge of your seat for the next two minutes.

Making the most of what appears to be a fickle couple of months in his hometown is Calen Jordan. Sit back and indulge.

Calen Jordan bodyboarding inverted Bodyboard shop

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Southern Shayden

Shayden Schrader makes his way South. 

Increasingly renowned as for his technical ability behind the lid, Shayden makes his way South with Ben Bettridge and Kurt Gillan. The following two minutes ought to serve as a casual insight and reminder as to how much better Shayden surfs than you. With a whole lot of quality for a mere two sessions down south, it’s best you sit back and indulge in the mastery which is the following two minutes.

Shayden Shcrader Bodyboarding South Australia

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Good Times With Luke

It just ain’t that easy.

Indifferent to consequence Luke O’Connor throws himself into some of the heavier conditions the East has seen over the last 12 months. The born and bred Sydney sider wets the wick in true style through the following five minutes. Clean lines and what would appear to be good times makes for tasty Sunday viewing.

With swell on the rise, there ain’t ever a better time to sit back and indulge in some solid viewing.

Luke Oconnor Bodyboarding Shark Island Drop Inverted

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