Isabella – Queen of Fronton, Nacho JNR World Champ!

Sunday October 15, 2017

Press Release: Fronton King 2017

Title: Isabella is the Queen of Fronton, and the last world champion of 2017 is crowned.

Nelson ‘Nacho’ Flores is the new Pro Junior World Champion, despite stumbling in the Quarter Finals of the Fronton King. Nearest rival, Cristobal Fernandez was eliminated in the Quarter Finals also, meaning that Flores had enough points to take the title. It wasn’t without controversy though…

In his Quarter Final heat, Fernandez suffered an interference from a competitor in the previous heat, who dropped in on Fernandez as he was attempting a large backflip. The ride was incomplete, and the interfering rider penalized, but this altercation definitely affected the focus and flow of Fernandez. Unable to recompose himself, Fernandez was unable to make it through to the Semi Finals. A relieved Flores was overwhelmed after realizing he had won.

But this wasn’t the only high (and low) point of what was an exceptional day of bodyboarding.

Some of the other heats of the Pro Juniors saw exceptional riding and high scores from riders such as Armide Soliveres (heat score total of 19.50 for some deep tube rides and flips), Carlos Suarez Martin (17.97), William Lujan Martin (18.50) and Lionel Medina (18.93, launching a Gorf that its inventor Nathan ‘Nugget’ Purcell would have been proud of). The peak of the tide coincided with a pulse in the swell and the conditions were perfect to say the least.

The other big highlight of the day was the performance of the women, in particular Isabella Sousa, who launched the biggest backflip in the history of women’s bodyboarding to earn a perfect 10 in the final and take the win from Alexandra Rinder, who was in scintillating form in her Semi Final.

It cannot be understated how exceptional the commitment and performance of the Semi Finalists was today at El Fronton. Rinder and Sousa were head and shoulders above the competition in both Semi Finals, but the performances of Teresa Padilla and Paloma Freyggan were something special. Both riders committing to large sets on the shallow reef as the swell pulsed, the crowd on the edge of their seats every time they pulled into the heaving barrels. Both riders attempted some serious aerial maneuvers in their heats too, but failing to bridge the gap in both instances.

The women’s final was uncharacteristically one-sided, with Sousa dominating the heat posting a heat score total of 17.17 to Rinder’s 8.50. By all accounts, it was as if Rinder surfed her final in the semi finals. The performances of both Sousa and Rinder today were so strong today that it was as if they were sending a message to the new world champion Joana Schenker (who had been eliminated in the earlier rounds). The message was: you may have won the title, but we are going to be here next year and ready to take it back.

Women’s bodyboarding is healthy indeed.

Competition is set to resume tomorrow with the second semi-final of the Pro Juniors, then final, with the Men’s Trials scheduled to kick off in what should be a building swell in perfect conditions.

It’s gonna be epic!

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Le roi du dropknee, il s’appelle Laury…

Saturday October 14, 2017

Press Release: Fronton King 2017

Title: Le roi du dropknee, il s’appelle Laury…

It is called the Fronton King, and when it comes to dropping the knee, the new king’s name is Laury. Laury Grenier. The Reunion Islander defeated his long-time friend and compatriot Amaury Lavernhe to take the title in small but very contestable conditions at El Fronton today, seeing this year’s event kick off in style.

The first day of official competition was a real crowd-pleaser on a balmy Canarian Saturday. Rippable 2 – 3 foot waves marched onto the reef as the high tide rose, giving riders in both the dropknee and women’s divisions ample opportunities to impressed the swelling crowd.

And impress they did…

The undisputed standout of the day was the eventual winner of the dropknee division Laury Grenier, and also female competitors Alexandra Rinder and Isabella Sousa.

Grenier couldn’t put a foot wrong (figuratively and literally) throughout the whole day, locking into some great tube rides and laying down rail any chance he had on the fast right-hander. In the women’s, Alexandra Rinder had the crowd flipping out in support of her aerial acrobatics, launching and completing multiple ARS’s and backflips to kick off her campaign. Sousa was also in brutal form, launching probably the biggest aerial of the event, a large, looping forward air spin that was completed off the back of the wave. Another notable standout of the day was local rider Teresa Padilla, who was in scintillating form, launching numerous flips herself on the shallow bowls, catapulting herself into the Quarter Finals to face off with the best of the best.

On Sunday, the competition will resume with the Pro Junior world title to be decided as well as the women’s event to complete. Nelson Flores is in a very strong position coming into the event with only Cristobal Fernandez in a position to steal the title away. Fernandez must win the event and Flores eliminated before the semi-finals. If Flores can finish 7th or better, he is the World Champion.

This is going to be intense!

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Gran Canaria Fronton King Festival Galdar 2017

The Gran Canaria Fronton King Festival – Galdar 2017  

14 – 28 October

The final stage of the 2017 APB World Tour will go down in one of the world’s greatest Bodyboarding locations in Galdar in Gran Canaria – El Fronton.

El Fronton is the “colosseum”of Global Bodyboarding. The death-defying slab is regarded as the heaviest and most powerful wave on the planet for Bodyboarding. This year the event has branched out to include Women and Junior divisions plus a specialty DK event at its neighbouring wave – La Guancha – El Agujero on 14th and 15th october.

More news to come…


13th October:

8:00pm- EL Agujero, Galdar Briefing for Women, Pro Juniors, DK. All registration should be paid and inscribed by then in order to have the heat draws done complete. All athletes who do not email or will not be accepted into draws.

14th October:

8:00 am- Competition starts with women or DK. High tide is at 9:56 am and low tide at 16:28 pm  

5:00pm- El Agujero, Galdar: Briefing Men, All registration should be paid by then. 

Please Note: No one can register after 8:00pm on 14th October. All athletes who do not email or will not be accepted into draws.

7:00pm- Athlete´s parade to the stage for the official presentation with institutions.

15th October:

8:00 am- La Guancha, starts de comp. Ends at 19:30 pm. 

16th October:

7:00am- Fronton Trials to start into main event (pending conditions).

28th October:

8:30pm- APB/Fronton  2017 Awards function (location tbc) 

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