ACB 2018 – Final Day Highlights

Tanner McDaniel looked dangerous in earlier rounds, but in the finals he was lethal. He defeated two world champions, first Iain Campbell then Pierre-Louis Costes, to claim his first ever APB Tour victory. The conditions yesterday in Arica were some of the best that have ever been seen at this location. A solid 2 to […]

Perfect 20: Tanner McDaniel makes history in Arica

Tanner McDaniel has taken out the 2018 Arica Bodyboard Cultura, at El Flopos, in Ex-Isla Alacrán, Chile.

The Hawaiian bodyboarder defeated two-time world champion Pierre-Louis Costes in spectacular 10-foot wave conditions and claimed his first ever APB Tour event.

On his fifth visit to Arica, McDaniel also became the first rider in the history of bodyboarding to win a final with a Perfect 20 score.


Tanner McDaniel has just won the Arica Cultura Bodyboard World Grand Slam in 10ft pumping waves with a perfect 20 points over rival and 2017 Arica Champion – Pierre Louis Costes….

More news to come…

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ACB 2018 – Main Event D3 Highlights

Day 3 highlights are absolutely insane. Massive punts & epic barrels on the menu from what already looks like a historic day for bodyboarding. Film: The Noria Film…